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Join Rutland Plus & Social Tinkering in honoring and celebrating

Pride Month!!

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At Social Tinkering we celebrate and honor those who were involved in the Stonewall Riots and all those who've led the way since to fight for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion for the LGBTQ+ community.  Join us in our activities throughout the month to show our own LGBTQ+ community they are seen, valued, celebrated, and most importantly - they belong. Scroll down to learn all the activities we invite you to participate in!


All Are Welcome Here

LGBTQ+ Visibility Campaign

Social Tinkering, Awesome Graphics, and many people from the Rutland County community have worked together since June 2021 to create and build the All Are Welcome Here LGBTQ+ Visibility Campaign. We do this to show LGBTQ+ people they are seen, valued and welcome. Find our banners in downtown Rutland and our stickers and yard signs scattered throughout the county! Go to Awesome Graphics, Phoenix Books, and Chamber & Economic Development of the Rutland Region to pick up a sign for you and your neighbor today!

This year Killington Resort has joined the campaign by hanging the same banners with "Killington" on them. We are working on expanding this campaign to all communities of Rutland County.

Visibility is just the beginning. We must make lasting structural social change year-round to truly make our communities welcoming to all people. For this purpose, we run the Rutland Plus LGBTQ+ Collaborative.

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Rainbow Tree Project

All during PRIDE Month (June) there will be a lovely bright Rainbow Tree set up in downtown city of Rutland at Mountain Music. We invite everyone to stop by and write notes of love and support to Rutland County's LGBTQ+ community. Celebrate your fellow residents and help them feel seen and valued. Help us to show each other that our LGBTQ+ identifying people belong here and are welcome here.

After Pride month we will take all of your messages and create a work of art dedicated to growing safe spaces of belonging in our communities.

Go visit Mountain Music to participate & thank them for leading with their allyship!

Crystal Queer Podcast

Social Tinkering's very own Andrew Richardson leads the creation and production of Crystal Queer, to produce a video podcast that aims to create deeper understanding on the LGBTQIA subject. This is localized and related to Rutland County but applicable anywhere in the world.


We are now producing this podcast year-round, starting this June 2022. Watch our first 4 episodes from June 2021 to get caught up, and the Follow us on Facebook to stay tuned!


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Rutland Plus Pride Celebration!

Our 1st Annual Pride Celebration to honor the history of Pride and the people who have fought for the rights safety of LGBTQ+ people. 

Come celebrate with us and all our partners and sponsors!

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RP Pride Celebration SM.png


The Paper Poet, Bianca Zanella for Queer Poets' Open Mic!!

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The BenAnna Band

for some LGBTQ+ Anthems & Sing Alongs!

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Rutland Plus Sponsors & Allies

A HUGE SHOUT OUT to the awesome allies of Rutland Plus and Pride 2022!

We appreciate the support of our sponsors and allies so much!! We are stronger together and we are building and creating visibility of the network of support for our Rutland County LGBTQ+ community. Want to become a sponsor and/or active ally of Rutland Plus?? Give us a shout anytime at

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