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Here at Social Tinkering our specialty is creating spaces where everyone can feel welcome. Social issues are complicated and can be intimidating to learn about. People who are suffering from the negative impacts of social issues often feel overwhelmed and frustrated with the task of trying to explain things to others who haven't had their lived experiences. This is where Social Tinkering is stepping in. By creating space for challenging conversations, we hope to meet everyone where they are at in their experiences and learning. We will do this with compassion and respect, with a goal of helping people understand each other better and building trust.

Vlogger Equipment

Social Tinkering's very own Andrew Richardson leads the creation and production of Crystal Queer QA, to produce a video podcast that aims to create deeper understanding on the LGBTQIA subject.

The goals of this podcast are to: 


1. Increase places and spaces where LGBTQIA2S folks can feel seen, heard, and supported.

2. Increase understanding between LGBTQ+, allies, and those still learning about the social issues surrounding this subject.

3. Take a potentially intimidating and complex social topic and break it down and start at the beginning, acknowledging that people don't inherently know the depths of experiences they haven't been through themselves.


Every Pride month (June), we will kick off this video podcast with a 4 part mini-series. Through these recorded conversations, we hope to help people see that even though gender and sexuality may be complicated to understand at times, we can have open conversations and learn with and from each other.

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Find Archived Episodes HERE:                                     

Season 2 EP 1: Founder Update

Season 2 EP 2: LGBTQ+ and Religion with Sarah

Season 2 EP 3: Mika's Non-Binary Experience

Season 2 EP 4: Safe Online Spaces with Michelle

About the creator of Crystal Queer QA Podcast


Andrew Richardson is the host of Crystal Queer QA and is Social Tinkering's Board VP & Secretary.

Andrew is a BA graduate of Castleton University with a degree in psychology.  He continues to remain focused on supporting the needs of Rutland County members. It is because of this passion for understanding our minds and human connection patterns that he became involved with Social Tinkering.
He is passionate about the greater Rutland County community and its abilities to strengthen friendship and belonging.  In a world where so many youth hope to leave home in the dust for a new, exciting something else, Andrew hopes to help Social Tinkering give Rutland County members, young and old, a new reason to stay through his service to Social Tinkering and his creation of this podcast.
You can listen to episodes by following the link below:

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Crystal Queer QA - Video Podcast

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