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Community Living Room
A Project for 2024!

Building a bridge to belonging:
A Community Living Room Project

What is a Community Living room, you ask?


  • An affordable, inclusive, & welcoming place to relax & meet friends

  • Membership and drop-in fee based

  • Connect and learn about the community

  • Break down the stigmas that prevent us from understanding each other

Diving Deeper: 

Positive social connection can improve our mental and physical well-being.

Feeling like you belong, that you’re seen and valued, is a fundamental human need. Research shows that when people feel like they belong, they are healthier and happier. When people feel this, they foster the same in others, spreading belonging for healthier families and communities.


Become an early adopter!


How do your friends help you thrive?

Where do you make friends?

Social Tinkering has been asking these questions and we think we've figured it out:

A Community Living Room! 

You can help to create a space where everyone can gather and make meaningful connections to grow healthy social networks: aka Make Friends!


Let’s create a thriving Rutland County together!

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