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“Equality means more than passing laws. The struggle is really won in the hearts and minds of the community, where it really counts.”

~ Barbara Gittings ~

Now offering!

Online sales of All Are Welcome Here Visibility Initiative merchandise!


Join Social Tinkering’s Rutland Plus Collaborative and Awesome Graphics in spreading love and belonging throughout Rutland County and now the entire state of Vermont! Order your All Are Welcome Here merchandise WITH YOUR OWN TOWN/CITY!


The All Are Welcome Here Visibility Initiative helps to raise awareness, celebrate, and show support for diversity and inclusion, while at the same time showing love for our communities. Want to join us in increasing visibility and support of our LGBTQ+ friends and family throughout Vermont? Check out our merchandise for ways you can help spread the message and most importantly, the LOVE.


All purchases fund sustainability of this Visibility Initiative.


Go to: and order your T-shirts and signs today!

More products to come!


Contact or for more information.

Want to order banners for your community to proudly wave?

Interested in a bulk order for stickers to give away in your business or waiting room?


Become an official Rutland+ ALLY!

Contact to learn how.

Testimonials - what a difference this all makes…


“As one of the founders of the I Love Rutland campaign, I’m thrilled to work with Social Tinkering and others to embrace all in our community. The initial I Love Rutland campaign had a somewhat generic focus, while now it’s clear we support inclusivity, equity, and diversity in our community, and truly welcome everyone.”


~ Steve Costello, Co-Founder of the I Love Rutland campaign and champion for Rutland

"Once I put our "All Are Welcome Here" sign up in our yard, a neighbor came by and told me he was happy that we moved to the neighborhood."

~ Todd Walker, President, Rutland County Pride

"My neighbor teaches voice lessons to local youth. When she saw the sign in our shared yard she told me how much her clients loved to see their community represented."

~ Andrew Richardson, Board Member, Social Tinkering

~2023 Sponsors~

We couldn't make any of this happen without the generous support of our community. Thanks to area businesses and individuals who donate funding to keep the All Are Welcome Here stickers free for everyone!

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All Are Welcome Here Visibilty Initiative

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