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In addition to offering social gathering opportunities, Social Tinkering facilitates and is involved in a number of collaboratives that align with our mission, vision, and goals. Click on the "READ MORE" links or the photos below to learn more about our ongoing.

Our Collaboratives


 ~ coordinating all things LGBTQ+ in Rutland County


Pride Parade

Social Tinkering is a proud participant in Rutland City's Project VISION Collaborative. This group is a diverse coalition of over 300 social and health service agencies and organizations, schools, colleges, business organizations, City of Rutland municipal administrators, local, county, state and federal probation, parole and law enforcement agencies, faith based groups, volunteers and neighbors.

We work together to improve health, expand community engagement and build great neighborhoods.



Through this collaboration Social Tinkering participates in the following:

* Community Policing Subcommittee

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