In addition to offering social gathering opportunities, Social Tinkering is involved in a number of initiatives and collaboratives that align with our mission, vision, and goals. Click on the "READ MORE" links or the photos below to learn more about our ongoing and past work.

Our Collaboratives

In the middle of the pandemic, while socially isolated, Social Tinkering started searching for leaders in Rutland's LGBTQIA community to see how we could help elevate, support and increase belonging. We found several people doing a variety of good projects and meetups, but they didn't really know each other yet. We invited a few leaders, and then a few more, to a few meetings, to see how we could all coordinate to achieve our similar goals of increasing visibility and education, and providing support to the LGBTQIA community here.


Ultimately, we were all invited to coordinate our work with the nonprofit organization Queer Connect, in Bennington, VT. Queer Connect invited us to create a Chapter since our goals were aligned and we very gratefully and quickly accepted their invite. As of February, 2021, Queer Connect Rutland was established as the FIRST EVER LGBTQIA organization in Rutland, Vermont! Big news!

Social Tinkering is proud to be a strong and supporting partner of Queer Connect Rutland and to work to create trust, increase belonging, and grow happiness for all people living and visiting the Rutland Region.



Queer Connect Website:

Queer Connect Rutland on Facebook:

Rutland Pride:




Social Tinkering has partnered with a brand new project in the Rutland region, called Crystal Queer, to produce a video podcast that aims to create deeper understanding of LGBTQIA subjects.


For the month of June we will kick off this podcast with a 4 part mini-series. Each Saturday morning in June we will publish an episode that will hopefully help people see that even though 

gender and sexuality may be complicated to understand at times, we can have open conversations and learn with and from each other. 


Social Tinkering is a proud participant in Rutland City's Project VISION Collaborative. This group is a diverse coalition of over 300 social and health service agencies and organizations, schools, colleges, business organizations, City of Rutland municipal administrators, local, county, state and federal probation, parole and law enforcement agencies, faith based groups, volunteers and neighbors.

We work together to improve health, expand community engagement and build great neighborhoods.



Through this collaboration Social Tinkering participates in the following:

* Neighborhood Engagement Subcommittee

* Community Policing Subcommittee

I Pride Rutland Sign.jpg


A handful of Rutland area residents, businesses, and organizations have recently begun collaborating to work on a visibility campaign that shows everyone that All Are Welcome Here.


Our collective mission is to celebrate and elevate diversity and inclusion in the Rutland Region.


Particularly, our current fundraiser is to create a visual campaign for our LGBTQ+ community and PRIDE month in June and beyond.