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We are a nontraditional board because this is a nontraditional mission. Our board members have been selected based on their ability to clearly understand and apply the mission and vision of Social Tinkering. They come from a variety of backgrounds bringing their learned wisdom from their lives, educations, and work experiences to help make our work successful. As we grow our organization, we plan to add more Board Members and create an additional advisory group of partners and experts to help us accomplish our goals.

Our Persistent Founder and Director
Jeanette Langston, Organizer and Connector

Jeanette Langston has been learning about social isolation, connection, belonging, and happiness her entire life. In 2018, she began forming the concept of Social Tinkering as she became aware of her natural ability to connect people in meaningful ways. In 2020, she started Social Tinkering and in 2021, she invited the founding members of our Board of Directors to join her in her mission to empower connections and grow happiness.

In 2000, Jeanette graduated with a degree in Recreation Management from the School of Forestry at the University of Montana. After 11 years of working in Grand Teton National Park and several National Forests, she left her career to find a new path. She is currently working on a Social Innovation diploma from the University of Peace in Costa Rica.

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Jeanette is a proud mother of 2 lovely small humans and 2 delightful fur-kids. She is a strong and loving partner to her incredibly supportive husband of over 2 decades. She grew up in western Montana, has lived in 6 different states, has traveled all over the U.S. and a bit internationally. She is an artist in her free time and loves to sing, hike, play, and have adventures exploring new places with her family and friends. She greatly values her friendships and enjoys meeting up with friends to listen to their stories, to laugh and cry, and to simply enjoy life together.

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Our Rockstar Board President
Monika Ganguly-Kiefner

Monika Ganguly-Kiefner works for the Vermont Department of Health in Rutland as a Chronic Disease Prevention Specialist with a health equity focus for structurally underserved populations including BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and people with disabilities. She holds a Master of Sustainable Peacebuilding degree from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a BA in both Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Studies from Green Mountain College. Monika has focused her entire career on building healthier and happier communities whether it be through urban planning, supporting local food systems, advocacy for survivors of domestic violence, or public health.

Monika is an advocate for building justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion into all aspects of living. She believes that through centering and honoring the voices of those community members who are least represented and underserved, we can co-create spaces that are more just and equitable for all people. She believes that everyone deserves to feel safe, valued, and loved within the communities that they choose to build their lives.


Monika is thrilled to be on the board for Social Tinkering to help co-create these safe and inclusive spaces for people to experience belonging in a way that they may have never experienced before. She believes that growing social inclusion and support are vital to building vibrant and healthy communities for all residents.

Our Star Board Treasurer
Arwen Turner

Arwen Turner is the Executive Director of Come Alive Outside. She has over 15 years experience in non-profit leadership and fund-development in the United States and abroad.  


Arwen is an advocate for body positivity and increasing representation of marginalized and disenfranchised populations in the outdoors. She believes we all deserve to be happy and to take up space in the places we want to see ourselves in. 


Arwen was drawn the to mission and work of Social Tinkering because she believes that social inclusion and healthy support systems are key to personal growth, identifying one’s own unique value, and empowerment.  She is thrilled to be on the founding board of directors of this dynamic and innovative non-profit. 

Our Awesome Board Secretary
Andrew Richardson
Hi! My name is Andrew Richardson and I am the Board Treasurer for Social Tinkering. I am a BA graduate of Castleton University who continues to study along the path of Psychology with the hope of achieving clinical licensure in the not so distant future. It is because of this passion for understanding our minds and human connection patterns that I became involved with Social Tinkering.
I am passionate about the greater Rutland County community and its abilities to strengthen friendship and belonging.  In a world where so many youth hope to leave home in the dust for a new, exciting something else, I hope to help Social Tinkering give Rutland County members, young and old, a new reason to stay. The mission of Social Tinkering as a lasting support for human connection and belonging will greatly benefit the lives of those who live in our corner of the world.
Mary Beth loves being part of the Rutland Community. She moved to Vermont to attend college and has never wanted to leave. She met her husband while volunteering at the Rutland Food Co-op 14 years ago, and now they have 2 small kids, a dog, and a house and small market garden on their acre in Center Rutland.
Mary Beth is a Natural Resources Ecologist for Otter Creek Engineering in Rutland, serves on the Rutland Town Planning Commission, is a member of the Rutland Italian-American Club and the Pine Hill Park Partnership, and is excited about the positive impact Social Tinkering is having on Rutland. She is passionate about outdoor recreation, science, and bringing friends together.
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Our Inspiring Social Instigator Board Member
Mary Beth Poli
As a child Mary Beth moved around the country with her family, and knows what it’s like to start over and make new friends. Mary Beth is excited to serve on the board of Social Tinkering, which she sees as a way to welcome people new to Rutland and help anyone living here to connect with their neighbors in an inclusive environment. She hopes that Social Tinkering will help our community gain a greater appreciation for this wonderful place that we call home.

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