Those of us at Social Tinkering strive every day to create a culture of trust and belonging. We believe that sharing our stories helps us to connect with each other in meaningful ways, and our Board of Directors and Staff want to foster this culture starting with how we operate internally.

Below you will discover who we are and why we work to further the mission and vision of this organization. 

We are a nontraditional board because this is a nontraditional mission. Our inaugural board members have been selected based on their ability to clearly understand and apply the mission and vision of Social Tinkering. They come from a variety of backgrounds bringing their learned wisdom from their lives, educations, and work experiences to help make our work successful. As we grow our organization, we plan to add more Board Members and create an additional advisory group of partners and experts to help us accomplish our goals.

To learn about our Directors and Staff, click on their names to read their stories, see their photo, and to see why they have chosen to work with us on this very unique Human Connection Project.


Founder & Executive Director: Jeanette Langston

Board President: Arwen Turner

Board Secretary: Suzanne Mueller

Board Treasurer: Andrew Richardson

Board Member: Mary Beth Poli

Board Member: David Atherton

Who We Are