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Board Member Extraordinaire
Suzanne Mueller

While I am not a Vermont Native I have been calling Rutland my community and home for the past 7 years. I moved to the Rutland area after completing my Master’s Degree in Dance/Movement Therapy and Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I grew up dancing after my Mom was informed by my preschool teacher that I needed to have a creative outlet for my energy. This ended up being formative in both my life and my career. I have, and am continuing to discover, that words are sometimes not enough and we carry our experiences in our bodies, best expressed through creativity, movement and the arts. Not only did dance teach me about expression but it also provided an important community for me as I grew up. 


COVID particularly highlighted some of the challenges many of us face in isolation, separated from others we could find commonalities with. I found through both personal reflection and my professional work the difficulties of connecting with others and the real need we have as humans to find healing through community.

I was excited to join Social Tinkering because of this recognition; that humans are social beings and we need community for our mental, emotional and even physical health. The idea of being a part of helping connect the community reflects my passion for supportive and intuitive healing and nurturing. Instead of isolation, disconnection and fear, if we can collectively bring our individuality together there is opportunity for movement towards the excitement of possibility, change, connection and healing even in times of uncertainty. 


I love living in Vermont, and you can usually find me anytime I’m not working puttering about in my gardens, walking my dog, snuggling my cats, reading as if books were going out of style, having spontaneous dance parties in my kitchen, hiking, kayaking, biking, cooking, drinking tea, writing, researching, and doing yoga. 

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