Social Tinkering is working on building a collaborative effort to celebrate and elevate diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Rutland Region!

We are working within a brand new collaboration called All Are Welcome Here and will begin fundraising this week for our first project - an LGBTQIA+ Visibility Initiative - to pay for the production and installation of I Love Rutland PRIDE banners in downtown Rutland, stickers, and yard signs to increase awareness and visibility for PRIDE Month and the LGBGTQIA community. READ MORE to get involved!

Social Tinkering is a safe and loving space for anyone who identifies as LGBTQIA, as well as for allies. Building a community that is visible, loving, proud and connected will show the Rutland Region that all are welcome and supported here and that equality, diversity, and inclusion are important to our residents. Come hang at one of our events for the LGBTQIA+ community, and if you identify as male or female, you could mix things up and join us at our Women's and Men's Groups too!


At Social Tinkering we are collaborating with existing groups and organizations in the region and the state to elevate the visibility and acceptance of everyone here. We believe successful programs, events, education, and outreach require a strong foundation of trusting and committed partnerships. It takes time to grow these trusting relationships and committed support systems. At Social Tinkering we are committed to putting in that time so that the LGBTQIA community of the Rutland Region has a lasting foundation upon which to do the good work necessary to progress towards true equality and inclusion.

Building a strong community support system is critical for all people's health and wellness during good times and bad. We know how hard it can be to grow a tribe of people you know you can count on through thick and thin. We coordinate with LGBTQIA organizations in the Rutland Region to support and promote social events and gatherings where you can find community and grow friendships. 

Join us at one or many, of our partnership's future events and meetups as we gather together for fun, meaningful, and memorable times. Below you will find a list of our partners and links to their websites and social media. Check our Calendar for upcoming events you may be interested in.




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Queer Connect, Inc is a nonprofit organization that began in Bennington, VT in 2018, and is "dedicated to increasing our visibility in the community and to building resources for LGBTQ+ people and their families..." As of January, 2021 there is a brand new, official, CHAPTER of Queer Connect here in Rutland! Social Tinkering is proud to be one of several community and business leaders working to establish and grow this new chapter in order to build community and to grow visibility and resources, for the LGBTQIA community of the Rutland Region.


***Check out our Rutland Chapter Coordinator and Rockstar Fearless Leader, Karly Haven in her interview with Vermont's All Things LGBTQ from February 2nd, 2021. (the interview begins at 23:30)



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Merchants Hall is a premiere event space in downtown Rutland. They host a variety of concerts, shows, and events for the community, as well as rent out their space. They are particularly and most recently known for their glorious monthly drag shows, led by and featuring the lovely and fierce Anita Cocktail. Merchants Hall is a fabulous partner of Social Tinkering, especially as we work together to support the LGBTQIA community in Rutland.



Rainbow Connections is a peer support group for ages 12-18 that provides an opportunity for Rutland County LGBTQ+ youth to create a supportive and dynamic community. Social Tinkering is proud to support this critical youth resource in our region. For more information email: or call: 802-775-2381. *Interested members do NOT have to be active or enrolled in CCN or RMHS services.

*If you know of more resources available in the Rutland Region that we could list here, please contact us at

*Social Tinkering is about more than simply finding friends. Read about our Vision and Mission and see our guidelines for respecting diversity so we can offer safe spaces and successful events for everyone.


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“Equality means more than passing laws. The struggle is really won in the hearts and minds of the community, where it really counts.”


~ Barbara Gittings

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