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Press Release May 21, 2021 - click here to read

A handful of Rutland area residents, businesses, and organizations have recently begun collaborating to work on a visibility initiative that shows everyone that All Are Welcome Here. Our collaborative's mission is to celebrate and elevate diversity and inclusion in the Rutland Region. This collaborative has happily developed into a brand new diversity, equity, and inclusion committee for the Rutland area.

Our current fundraiser is to create a visual campaign for our LGBTQ+ community and PRIDE month in June. 

Being a member of a minority or marginalized group in Rutland, or any community, can unfortunately feel alienating at times. By actively engaging with our LGBTQ+ and other marginalized folks here, we can show them they are supported and welcome, really gluing in that feeling of inclusion here. June is National Pride Month, a declaration that commemorates a turning point in our country's LGBTQ+ history.  This is a time for memorials, celebrations, increasing awareness and understanding, and gathering together to show support and to feel supported and less alone. Being an LGBTQ+ person can be very isolating for a lot of people, so when we gather together to support this community we are letting people know they are welcome here, that they belong here and they are wanted here. When people feel like they belong in a place, they are happier and our collective community shines brighter and is more successful. 

This visibility initiative is a way for local businesses, organizations, and community members to extend support to the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. So far, a handful of individuals and organizations have begun collaborating, including  Social Tinkering and the Rutland Chapter of Queer Connect, to create some visible materials to show support for the LGBTQ+ community.

How You Can Help
We would love your help with our current fundraising project and on our future work to collaborate on our broader mission. It takes all of us to create that support. There are 2 ways you can help us achieve our mission.

1. Join the Collaborative!

Are you an individual, business, or organization that wishes to help further diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Rutland Region? Join us at our next meeting to help us coordinate all the great work being done throughout Rutland County. Contact us via email at : to learn more.

2. Donate!

Our GoFundMe Fundraising campaign is not currently active, as it ended at the end of Pride month. Stay tuned for future fundraising efforts as we develop this collaborative. 

* Social Tinkering has applied for, but does not have tax exempt status yet, so donations are unfortunately not tax deductible at this time.

* If you wish to donate a large donation, please contact Jeanette Langston at Social Tinkering at 802-342-5811 or email

All funds raised will go towards production of the following:
1.  Small pole banners to be hung in downtown Rutland during the month of June for PRIDE
2.  Stickers to be distributed by partners and allies during June and beyond.
3.  Yard signs for allies to display throughout Rutland County during June and beyond.

Your support means the world to our LGBTQIA+ community, as well as other marginalized groups. Thank you so much!


Our Collaborative

Social Tinkering

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Queer Connect Rutland

I Love Rutland Campaign

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Alderman Thomas Franco

Downtown Rutland Partnership

Rutland Regional Medical Center

Project Vision

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National Resources:
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